Uncover Honkai: Star Rail 2.2's New Imaginary Harmony Trailblazer Skills

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The new path for trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail, Imaginary Harmony, is set to be unlocked soon, granting the main character new powers and abilities. This includes basic attacks, skills, and an ultimate ability that affects both enemies and all allies. The trailblazer's talent and


It's been a year since a new path was unlocked for trailblazer (caelus/stelle) in Honkai: Star Rail. Destruction (physical) and preservation (fire) are already accessible, and the upcoming third unlock for the main character will be harmony (imaginary). The main character, known for their love of trashcans, is expected to gain powers through the story quest, and the eidolons for the harmony path are likely to be unlocked as part of the story progression. For those curious about the abilities, eidolons, and bonus traces available for the harmony trailblazer, here's a quick overview of their kit.

  • Basic Attack: Inflicts imaginary damage equal to 100% of the trailblazer's attack on a single enemy.

  • Skill: Inflicts imaginary damage equal to 50% of the trailblazer's attack on a single enemy and deals damage an additional 4 times, inflicting imaginary damage equal to 50% of the trailblazer's attack on a random enemy each time. Hidden stat: 2

  • Ultimate: [Content missing]

Note: The multipliers mentioned assume a level 6 basic attack and level 10 for other abilities.Applies a backup dancer effect to all allies, lasting for 3 turns, with the duration decreasing by 1 turn at the start of Trailblazer's every turn. When allied targets with backup dancer attack an enemy in the weakness broken state, they will deal break damage 1 additional time based on 100% of the attacker's break damage and the current attack's toughness-reducing damage.

Weakness Break State:When enemy targets' toughness is reduced to 0, they will enter the weakness break state, which delays their actions.

Break Damage:A damage type that is not affected by any stat aside from break effect. The higher the character level and the target's max toughness, the higher the break damage.

Talent:The Trailblazer immediately regenerates 10 energy when an enemy target's weakness is broken.

Technique:After using the technique, at the start of the next battle, all allies' break effect increases by 30%, lasting for 2 turns.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.2: Imaginary Harmony Trailblazer Bonus Traces

Dance with the One:If there are 5 or more enemy targets, the break damage triggered by the backup dancer effect increases by 30.0%. For each enemy target fewer than 5, the break damage triggered by the backup dancer effect additionally increases by 10.0%.

Shuffle Along:Additionally increases the first toughness-reducing damage inflicted by the skill in a battle by 100.0%.

Hat of the Theater:Additionally delays the enemy target's action by 30.0% when teammates break enemy weaknesses.

Honkai: Star Rail 2.2: Imaginary Harmony Trailblazer Eidolons

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