Following these steps will allow you to apply eyeshadow like a pro even if you've never done it before

I have gathered a variety of eyeshadow application brushes for you to choose from so that you can put together your very first kit



I have gathered a variety of eyeshadow application brushes for you to choose from so that you can put together your very first kit. I hope this will help you get off to a strong start. Makeup artist Michael Ashton believes that using high-quality tools makes any task simpler, and he believes that having good makeup brushes is no exception to this rule. This will be a huge help in bringing your eyeshadow game to the next level.



Blending colors into your crease, also known as the area where your eyelid meets your eye socket, will help you achieve a more defined look if you use a smaller tapered blending brush. The crease is located where your upper eyelid meets your lower eyelid. You ought to give the F. R. R.  a shot.



A Slim Shader Brush with a Flat Top:The tool that you require in order to apply eyeshadow to your eyelids and blend out any liner is a flat brush of a size that is not excessively large. Instead of that, you might want to try out the MOTD COSMETICS Pigment Packer Small Shader Brush. Make sure your viewing area is ready.

To put it more simply, eye primer helps eyeshadow last longer by preventing it from slipping off your eyelids when it is exposed to heat or moisture. This is accomplished by adhering the eyeshadow to the primer. When it comes to applying eye makeup, the general rule of thumb is that the more eye makeup you wear, the more important it is to use a primer. This is true even if you only wear one or two layers of eye makeup.

You should also think about using an Private Label eyeshadow palettes primer, especially if your lids have a tendency to be oily. Some eye primers, like the ELIZABETH MOTT Thank Me Later Eye Primer, not only prevent oil buildup but also contain additional ingredients (in this case, pearl powder) that brighten and intensify the eyeshadow that is applied over them. Other eye primers, like the ELIZABETH MOTT Thank You Later Eye Primer, only prevent oil buildup. Your ring finger is the most ideal instrument for applying eye makeup because it does not irritate your skin, has the lightest touch, and is the most comfortable option. It's a win-win situation considering that the heat from your fingers also helps melt the primer into place. Apply the primer in a sweeping motion across your entire eyelid, all the way up to your eyebrow, around the inner corner of your eye where your tear duct is located, and even along your lower lash line. This will ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place throughout the day. This is true irrespective of the makeup style that you plan to achieve with your application. You can achieve a natural look by choosing a shade that is relatively close to your natural skin tone, a sparkly look by choosing a shimmer that is lighter, or a smoky look by choosing a shade that is darker.

Each of these looks can be achieved by selecting a different type of highlighter. Medium and darker skin tones look great in gold or beige shades, like RIDE OR DIE and SIDEKICK.

You can also skip the step of applying primer and instead use a cream eye shadow as the base for your makeup look. Ashton suggests beginning with a cream product, spreading it out with your fingers, and then going back in with a blending brush of medium size to buff your preferred DIY eyeshadow palette over the top of it. This is the recommended order of application. She recommends beginning with a cream-based product.

In the third step, we are going to add more definition to your eye makeup by defining the crease.


In general, this will give the impression that your eyes are much wider and more expansive than they actually are.


- If you have eyelids that are deep-set or hooded, you can apply the crease shade while your eyes are open to determine where it will be most visible — most likely above your actual eyelid on the lower brow bone

- This is especially helpful if you have hooded eyelids

- If you want to further define the shape of your eyes, take an angled brush, dip it in your darker shade, and use it to define the outer corner of the crease in your lid

- This is the final step in defining the shape of your eyes

- Blend, Blend, Blend

Blending is one of the most important steps in applying eyeshadow, but it's also one of the steps that's often skipped. Blending is one of the most important steps. It is okay if your eyes look more painted on than perfectly blended at this point; this is where those additional blending brushes come in handy.

You can make the colors on your crease and outer V less distinct by applying them with a clean blending brush until they blend inconspicuously into your lid. This will give your eye makeup a more diffuse appearance. Even if you accidentally over-blend some of the medium or dark pigment, there is no reason to be concerned about the outcome. According to Giannone, this will assist in helping to blend out the transition of color even further on the lid. Create some definition in your lash lines. To begin, you can apply eyeliner however you like, be custom eyeshadow palette with a pencil or a liquid, depending on your personal preference.

As the sixth step, put emphasis on doing so in a strategic way. According to Young, a highlight under the brow is a nice way to make the brows stand out from the eyeshadow. It brings out the natural color of your eyes very nicely. Some people even apply a bit of highlighter to the inside corners of their eyelids, believing that this will stimulate their eyes and help them feel more awake.

If you want to achieve a fresh, natural look that is perfect for daytime wear, use a light  that is matte. This will give you a look that is clean and unfussy. If you want to add more drama to your look, use a shade that has some shimmer in it.

To make it seem as though your face is more awake and lifted, you should apply highlighter along the brow bone, just below the arch of your eyebrows. This will accomplish the desired effect. After utilizing either one of these two methods, your eyes will have the appearance of being significantly larger, brighter, and more alert.

As a final step, apply a couple coats of mascara, and don't forget to shape and fill in your brows; doing so will have a significant impact on the overall harmony of your makeup application. Applying a couple coats of mascara is a good way to finish off your makeup application.


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