Specific Instructions on Soccer Betting for Beginners in Sports Betting

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Specific Instructions on Soccer Betting for Beginners in Sports Betting


Are you new to the world of sports betting bookmaker ranking and want to understand the different types of soccer bets? The article below will explain each concept and type of soccer bet from A to Z, helping you be more confident when participating in betting.

1. Summary and Explanation of Basic Football Odds:

Current types of soccer bets are diverse, from basic to advanced, providing rich choices for players. However, to avoid confusion, let's learn about the basic types of bets that you should know:

1.1. European Football Odds (1X2):

Choose the home team to win, the away team to win, or the two teams to draw.

Simple bet type, suitable for new bettors.

1.2. Asian Handicap:

Also known as Handicap odds.

Adjust the weight between strong and weak teams by adding or subtracting the number of goals.

Provides fairer betting opportunities in unbalanced matches.

2. European Football Odds (1X2) Explanation:

2.1. European Football Betting - Simple and Winning:

1X2 odds are the most basic and popular type of European soccer odds.

You just need to choose the team that wins, loses, or draws in a match.

Although the reward rate is not high, this is a popular and easy to understand type of bet.

2.2. Asian Football Handicap - Power Balance:

Asian handicap helps balance the strength between two uneven teams.

Apply Handicap by adding or subtracting the number of goals for the underdog.

The goal is to create fair betting opportunities.

Experience for Newcomers Participating in Soccer Betting:

3.1. Learn Basic Types of Soccer Bets:

Avoid confusion by focusing on the basic types of bets and understanding them clearly.

Don't get too engrossed in complicated bets when you first start.

3.2. Understanding Handicap Betting in Asian Betting:

Handicap odds help balance the betting opportunities for both teams.

Master how to apply Handicap and understand its meaning in betting.

3.3. Use European Football Odds Flexibly:

1X2 bet is a simple type of bet, but can be used flexibly to increase your chances of winning.

Detailed Explanation of Soccer Betting and Common Terminology

When starting your soccer bookmaker free bet offers journey, it is important to understand the types of bets and terminology so you can participate confidently and effectively. Below is a detailed explanation of some popular bet types and terminology in the world of soccer betting:

Over/Under Football Odds (Over/Under):

Over/Under bets, also known as Over/Under bets, are a type of bet where you predict the total number of goals of both teams participating in the match.

If the total number of goals exceeds the number given by the house, you bet on "Over".

If the total number of goals is less than that number, you bet on "Under".

Bets can be made on individual halves or total matches, and there are different variations such as number of cards, number of corner kicks, etc.

Double Chance Football Odds – Double Chance:

Double Chance bet is a basic bet similar to 1X2 bet, but you have the opportunity to choose 2 out of 3 possibilities.

1 or X: Home team wins or draws.

1 or 2: Home team wins or away team wins.

X or 2: Draw or away team wins.

Terminology in Soccer Betting:

Ms. Cai: A term for a soccer betting house.

Main Ball: Big and important tournament.

Down to the Body, Out to the Body: Players bet all their capital on a match.

Over bet: Bet on the under or under bet.

Poop, Tick: The player loses the bet.

Thom Odds: Odds with high winning rate.

Rotten Odds: Odds that are difficult to predict, low chance of winning.

Matching Blood: Many players place the same type of bet.

Reverse Blood: In contrast to similar blood, many players place opposite bets.

Account burned: Account has lost all capital.

Release Bones: The player wins many matches in a row.

Chewing Bones: Betting even though you know the possibility of losing is high.

HT – Half Time: Bet on half the match.

FT – Full Time: Bet on the whole match.

ET – Extra Time: Bet on extra time.

Odds: Odds or conversion rate.

PEN: Penalty kick.

Win Full, Lose Full: Win or lose all capital.

Win Half/Lose Half: Win or lose half of your capital.

Terminology in European and Asian Football Betting:

European Handicap (1X2):

1: Home team wins.

X: 2 teams are tied.

2: Away team wins.

Asian Handicap:

Same Ball 0 – 0: Both teams have equal strength.

Bet 0.25; 0.5 or 0.75: Handicap bet with a certain number of goals.

Bet 1, 2...: Handicap the stronger team than the number of goals.

Through this article, we hope you have had an overview and better understanding of the types of soccer bets as well as the terminology used in the nigerian betting site process. Wishing you interesting and successful experiences on your football betting journey!